Keep areas of high importance under 24 hours surveillance and prevent unauthorized entry, theft or loss through the use of CCTV Surveillance system. Maintain safety of life and properties.


Closed-circuit Television is a kind of a security technique which involves the usages of video cameras which are commonly called CCTV cameras to view and transmit signals to TV sets or monitors for the purpose of security surveillance.

Joshy Technology Global Service Ltd in partnership with its foreign partners with years of experience in the development and deployment of latest technologies on CCTV Surveillance system, is proposing to you the deployment of this sophisticated solution. CCTV Surveillance system can be deployed in the following places:

  1. Offices
  2. Banks
  3. Oil installations
  4. Companies
  5. Hotels
  6. Homes
  7. Schools
  8. Airports
  9. Seaports
  10. Car Parks
  11. Streets
  12. Super Markets
  13. Estates
  14. Military Installations.
  15. Churches
  16. Mosques Etc.
  1. Multiple cameras with real time monitoring.
  2. Enhancement of security through real time monitoring of areas covered by the system
  3. Crime is prevented and risk of loss to properties and valuables is reduced.
  4. Police and other security Agency’s investigations aided.
  5. Physical monitoring is eliminated. Sites can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
  6. Time and money is saved
  7. Recording/storage
  8. Archiving
  9. Infrared/night vision
  10. Motion/intrusion detection
  11. Remote access


# Features
1 Specifically made for indoor or outdoor use
2 Cable and Wireless technology integration
3 Light Sensitive Day/Night vision that can produce high quality video images in very low light conditions
4 Night vision infrared that can produce high quality black and white video images in total darkness
5 Audio recording
6 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) function
7 IP (Internet Protocol) Ready-these cameras have their own built in server and can be networked for access through the internet
8 Hidden or Disguised Covert CamerasVandal – proof
9 Vandal – proof

24 hours surveillance? prevent unauthorized entry?

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